Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

"Rumah Singgah" pray and save our souls

"Pray and Save Our Souls"


Cancer patients with a temporary resting place , home to wait for the healing process during hospitalization , for children with cancer who are less able .
Despite the drought cost of government hospitals , but different for children with cancer , for cancer patients , the treatment process is very long and requires recovery process many times , so as to wait for a recovery in the hospital , they need a house for shelter and rest for pemuihan process to the hospital .
Most of the patients come from remote or rural areas far from the hospital , this requires a very large cost for outpatient waiting from hospital , it is not financed by the government , whereas the cost for this very large and very needed for disadvantaged communities these , and it is different for people with cancer who their home close to the hospital , they will be able to return home each with no extra costs

My photo auction to help them

every donation funds (with $ 5 or more) , 
you can choose an existing photo 
album 3joko
With a size of 3600x2400 Jpeg format which will be sent via email

* by mentioning the title of the album and number Photos , immediately sent to the email address rumahjoko@gmail.com

We accept donations ( DONATE ) which will be disbursed to the house with a direct stop at banjarmasin click donation ,
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or by transverse 

 contacting the email address : rumahjoko@gmail.com

no matter how small your donation, we are very grateful 
(Expected soon spread if will give a "donation" can be reached via email: rumahjoko@gmail.com or passing the message below this article) 
previously we thank you for your donation Generous colleagues all are 

$ 1 from you, means a lot to others ...

Little illustration of "RumahSinggah" in banjarmasin 

a dwelling house (rented house) is located close to the hospital ironwood, "rumahsinggah" in the governance of a foundation and is currently funded individuals, and of the generous support that touched her heart to see the suffering of children with cancer. 
I tried to write this story and share the photos after I invited my brother who happens to be a doctor who handles these cancer patients, are invited to visit "Rumah singgah", and strive to help collect donations to offset the cost for these cancer patients.

In the spirit of this child and are thrilled when will pose in the photo .. glad to see a little smile and be happy when will on the photo 

Kondisi perawatan dan tempat beristirahat

Condition treated and a place to rest

with hair loss, keep up the spirit alive

Doa Dan Donasi, meringankan Beban Kami